We are looking for investors who wish to take BPLedger further as it is or rebranded.

Behind BPLedger is a hybrid cloud architecture technology that is many decades ahead of the competition and  will not be duplicated in the next century and its model can be extended to other SAAS. Hybrid cloud technology is invented by Benedict Paul in 2016 and BPLedger software serves as a showcase of the advantages this backend architecture presents to the cloud software world.

The idea of hybrid SAAS allows you to scale up cloud applications and services without need for football size server space and need for complex and expensive middleware applications such as AWS (Amazon Web Services). 

Localization of services breaks down the need for such virtualization which requires cloud service companies to take on the responsibility of backup security and privacy. 

BPLedger's technology is available for complete takeover by a larger firm or a purchase of intellectual property.

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