Some Features that Made us Unique

First World Accounting solves the problems of cloud accounting solutions which are unable to backup unable to restore / undo changes as well as duplicate accounting files.

No Accounting Knowledge

Ease of use means no accounting knowledge is required for small business owners.

Download Backup

Keep copies of your accounts for each year, quarter. Store on your own laptop.

Email To Shareholders / Auditors

The entire accounts can be sent by email to shareholders / auditors.

Affordable Pricing

Small Fast and Light.


BPLedger is free to use until we find investors or companies to buy our IP rights.


Check Your Accounts Anywhere?

As long as you have your phone, tablet, laptop and internet access, you can check your accounts and monitor your business from anywhere in the world.

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What our Client’s Say about us

List of testimonials from clients.

Jason Zhang

Founder Bisado Technologies

" need not a centralized server compared to MYOB. Users are also able to access it easily from anywhere, be it mobile or on PC, as long as there is a internet connection. Its user friendly and require little or no effort."

Top Features

BPLedger Accounting bring features technically impossible for other Online Accounting solutions.

Cloud Hosting

Internet based and hosted on the cloud, but providing ability to do offline backups and restore.


24/7 Backup yet allowing you control on keeping your own historical backups offline

Small Footprint

Our accounts file function like an excel document that you can email to your auditor for viewing your accounts

Online Viewer

Auditor with your file can view transactions and reports by uploading it to our online viewer for audit

Support MSWord Invoice

Word Invoices allow you to add on special notes and instructions before sending to client

Digital Signature

Allow Client to sign directly onto Invoice